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We would like to invite you to the conference “Challenges in setting up new financing and supporting instruments with EU funds for energy rehabilitation of buildings” held on 10-11 January 2017.


VIPA joined this project on behalf of Lithuania together with organisations from other six countries of the European Union (United Kingdom, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden) as of April 2016. This project is relevant for Lithuania because it will help to create and identify new financial means for efficient energy, encourage innovative solutions and investment in the construction sector, significantly increase public awareness in the field of energy efficiency, define and remove potential obstacles related to legal limitations. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase will involve the 7 participants of the project sharing their good practices and creating action plans for individual regions. The second phase will involve implementation of made action plans and monitoring of that implementation.


The event is free. For more information see the programme of the event here 


We look forward to meeting you on 10-11 January 2017 in ARTIS Hotel at Totorių st. 23 Vilnius. Please notify about your participation until 31 December of this year. Contact person: Ernesta Kuzmickaitė, e-mail e.kuzmickaite@vipa.lt 

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