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Public Investment Development Agency (hereinafter - VIPA) – was established on the 28 of November, 2012 by the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 1428. It started its activity in April 2013.


Our activities is the provision of financial services, implementation and administration of financial instruments for public sector investment in public infrastructure and public service modernization. VIPA is involved in the programming period of 2014-2020 in the administrative system development activities to reach this aim.


Our challenge is the administration of financial instruments and implementation of financial engineering projects, which are financed from the EU Structural Funds and other fund managers funds.


Our mission is to increase and to improve the growth and optimization of public infrastructure in Lithuania by ensuring rational access to financial instruments.


Our functions:


  1. Implementation of financial instruments participating as the Holding fund (Fund of funds), financial intermediary and / or in other forms;
  2. Administration / implementation of financial instruments, such as provision of preferential loans, financial warranties and guarantees as it is defined in the Article 3 of the Act of Financial Institutions, also urban development, public infrastructure, energy efficiency project developer;
  3. Evaluation of public projects funded by financial instruments and their selection according to the requirements of financial instruments set by according ministries;
  4. Attraction of private sector investment in the public sector by implementing financial instruments;
  5. Announcement of financial instruments, provision of technical and methodological assistance in the preparation of financial instruments projects;
  6. Provision of information/proposals in legislation on financial instruments.


Our activity includes implementation of financial instruments which provide loans, guarantees for repayable investments or the implementation of similar measures for urban development, optimization of public infrastructure and energy efficiency improvements financed by national, European Union and other financial assistance programs and financing sources (for example., European Investment Bank and other international financial institutions).


Articles of Association of the Joint Stock Company Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA)  


Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA) annual activity report for the period ended 31 December 2017 


Public Investment Development Agency (VIPA) strategic plan for 2017-2020 


Resolution on Investment of State Assets and Increase of the Authorised Capital of the Joint Stock Company Public Investment Development Agency  


Resolution on the Establishment of Joint Stock Company Public Investment Development Agency and Investment of State Assets 


Independent Auditor's Report Set of the Financial Statements and the Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2016 


Resolution on the Distribution of Responsibilities and Functions among Institutions to Implement the Operational Programme for Investment Financed from the European Union Structural Fund 2014–2020 


Order on the Amendment of Order No. 1K-059 of the Minister of Finance of 8 February 2013 ‘On the Approval of the Articles of Association of Joint Stock Company Public Investment Development Agency’